D-bag press release of the year award

Goes to Melrose Jewelers for posting this awesome press release about how Rolex watches saved Owen Wilson’s life. Is this as good as the Jennifer Hudson’s family could have been saved by a mattress gun rack press release?

From the press release – “Obviously, the quality of a Rolex watch helped Owen realize and appreciate the quality of his own life.”

And in case you think I’m pulling sentences out of context, how about an entire paragraph!

“Whatever the hawks of the media choose to write, it is clear that Rolex played a major role in Owen Wilson’s recovery. Back in good form, the actor is nothing less than a comic genius in a time when comedy is a necessity. Wearing a Rolex Submariner and attending Rolex Benefits helped Owen Wilson realize his life was valuable and worth living. Once again, the precision and quality of a Rolex proves to be a lifesaver in more ways than one.”

Read it here!. Thank you Melrose Jewelers. Without d-bags such as yourself, today would have probably been really boring. Cheers!


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One Response to “D-bag press release of the year award”

  1. Jac Star Says:

    I see Melrose Jewelers have sent their lawyers after a PR blogger who wrote about this release:


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